Top Notch Trainers Corporate Wellness Program

Fitness for your Business!

Corporate Wellness Defined – Corporate Wellness can be broken down into multiple objectives that will benefit the employee as well as the employer. Creating a healthy workforce is a key to a healthy business. Employees who are fit tend to miss less work, are more productive while at work and are usually less stressed than those who live sedentary lifestyles. Here at Top Notch Trainers we have many types of programs available to help turn your business into a healthy business. Whether it’s our Corporate Fit Camp, Lunch Time Fitness, or working with small groups of employees to coach them into informed choices about consumerism.

Bottom line numbers increase with higher productivity and having a healthier workforce is the key to higher profits. Lower insurance premiums on a healthier workforce also contributes to increased profits!

We offer solutions for any size company

  • Corporate Fitness Center Design and Construction
  • Equipment Sales
  • Staffing
  • Personal Training/Small Group Training/Group Training
  • Nutrition Education

Corporate Fit Camps

A 12 week group class that targets weight loss, muscular balance, stress relieving and nutrition for your employees. Each class is 1 hour in length and will be held 2 times per week either on site or one of our fitness facilities.

Healthy Lunch Choices – We come in 1 day a week and hold a small class to discuss healthy eating habits for the busy employee. We help establish a healthy routine and how to pick what’s best at local restaurants.

Health Risk Assessments – We offer health risk assessments for employees to help determine what possible health risks they may be facing. We test body composition, BMI, Endurance Testing and Physical Activity Readiness.

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